Struggling with school

For some, school and the educational process are enjoyable and fulfilling. For others, it is a struggle.  This struggle can be due to developmental challenges, mental or emotional challenges, social challenges, or just a poor match in learning styles.  I have almost universally had a challenging relationship with education.  I love to learn and explore, … more »

It feels like Spring is here!

We had a lot to cover at March’s meeting, especially since February’s meeting was canceled due to snow. The most exciting development was the brand new Indie Ed business cards that were presented, thanks to Roberto Bianco and Sylvia Keepers (I gave my first one out that afternoon!). Following introductions, Roberto Bianco gave a very … more »

How College Admissions Decisions Are Made: Making a Case for Case Studies

This time of year, college admissions decisions are being released to seniors, which give them final notice of an acceptance, denial, or wait list. It’s an exciting time for most to see where they may attend in the fall, yet full of surprises. Some decisions are expected while others come as a shock. It is … more »

Who We Are

Hello, Boulder! Our group, IndieEd, serves as both a professional development group for education and therapy specialists in the Boulder area, and as a trusted resource for local schools and parents seeking specialized help. We have listed on our website 9 local professionals and organizations whose areas of expertise are commonly sought after; beyond that, … more »

IndieEd: Looking Forward in 2016

Indie Ed January 12, 2016   Over a dozen therapists, educators and child care specialists gathered for 2016’s first meeting of Indie Ed last Tuesday at the Boulder Public Library. Led by Peter Laffin and Pam Allen, we celebrated the successes of 2015 and the goals we have achieved. In 2016, IndieEd will activate its … more »