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Does Over-scheduling Hinder Executive Function Skills Development?

As an Executive Function coach, my goal is to help students develop skills they can use throughout their lives to reach their goals. Some examples of these skills include the ability to plan their time, regulate and control emotions, prioritize/organize, set short and long-term goals, start tasks, and develop their working memory. Strong EF skills … more »

IndieEd: Looking Forward in 2016

Indie Ed January 12, 2016   Over a dozen therapists, educators and child care specialists gathered for 2016’s first meeting of Indie Ed last Tuesday at the Boulder Public Library. Led by Peter Laffin and Pam Allen, we celebrated the successes of 2015 and the goals we have achieved. In 2016, IndieEd will activate its … more »

Collegiate Academic Support for Young Adults

Many people are frustrated with the infrastructure of education systems. From standardization to institutionalization, parents, educators, and students alike are seeking a way to navigate a variety of factors with the single hope of gaining/providing quality instruction. Collegiate Coaching Services has teamed up with IndieEd and its incredible collective of educators to support just such … more »

Math Teaching Aids in the Digital Age

One of the wonderful things about studying and teaching mathematics these days is the ubiquity of software and web-based tools that can be used to bring math concepts to life and provide a framework for convenient and dynamic exploration. One of these tools I use when helping students is Wolfram Alpha from Wolfram Research. Wolfram … more »

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