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Welcome to, the home of Boulder’s independent educators.

Welcome to, the home of Boulder’s independent educators. We are thrilled to present our vision for a more integrated and cooperative community of private educators, therapists, and psychologists. Our collective experience suggests strongly that a rising tide lifts all boats, that the wisdom of the individual professional can and will enrich the group if … more »

Why I’m Deleting Facebook

There are many reasons social media is harmful, to both the individual and to what’s left of our democracy. It claims to connect, but it distances; it claims to increase empathy, but its role in increasing antipathy is perhaps its defining characteristic; it claims to broaden access to information, but it produces treacherous, unpoppable information … more »

Does Over-scheduling Hinder Executive Function Skills Development?

As an Executive Function coach, my goal is to help students develop skills they can use throughout their lives to reach their goals. Some examples of these skills include the ability to plan their time, regulate and control emotions, prioritize/organize, set short and long-term goals, start tasks, and develop their working memory. Strong EF skills … more »

Poor History Grade? Consider a New Reading Approach

There are plenty of reasons kids might get poor grades in history classes in middle and high school. Some students are simply not interested in the subject and neglect to do the work.  Others lack the background knowledge needed to make sense of the new information they’re expected to learn.  For instance, it would be … more »

Optimal Tutoring

Brinnng… Brinnng… Click … “Hello?” “Hi, I was referred to you by Jane Smith. My son Sean has not been doing well in Calculus AB. He has the final tomorrow and needs a high score to keep his grade for a scholarship. Later this afternoon he must attend basketball practice – would you have two … more »