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Why I’m Deleting Facebook

There are many reasons social media is harmful, to both the individual and to what’s left of our democracy. It claims to connect, but it distances; it claims to increase empathy, but its role in increasing antipathy is perhaps its defining characteristic; it claims to broaden access to information, but it produces treacherous, unpoppable information … more »

Optimal Tutoring

Brinnng… Brinnng… Click … “Hello?” “Hi, I was referred to you by Jane Smith. My son Sean has not been doing well in Calculus AB. He has the final tomorrow and needs a high score to keep his grade for a scholarship. Later this afternoon he must attend basketball practice – would you have two … more »

The Making of a Reading Habit

Why is it that some of us are voracious readers, often ignoring responsibilities in the pursuit of the story and imaginary worlds, while others are utterly avoidant of words in print and picking up a book? On the surface, the answer seems simple: Good readers read, and bad readers don’t. But, if you lived into … more »

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