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Welcome to, the home of Boulder’s independent educators.

Welcome to, the home of Boulder’s independent educators. We are thrilled to present our vision for a more integrated and cooperative community of private educators, therapists, and psychologists. Our collective experience suggests strongly that a rising tide lifts all boats, that the wisdom of the individual professional can and will enrich the group if … more »

2017: The Year of Non-Procrastinating As a coach and tutor working with students of varying ages, I’ve found that procrastination is a consistent hurdle my students encounter. Adults see this in our own lives. Tasks that seem to be the largest and most overwhelming often get pushed to the back of our to-do lists. Tackling small tasks makes us … more »

Indie Ed & An October ReCap

October’s meeting featured a brilliant presentation by Indie Ed member, Liza Dombrowsky, which was followed by enlightening conversation about the connection of curricular content within our individual tutorial sessions. Liza presented the complex and often abstract concepts of mathematics across the curriculum through both historical and sociological context. Her presentation was not only thought-provoking but … more »

Just2 Tutoring & The Reluctant Student

When a student, for whatever reason, begins to disconnect from class content they often feel at a loss for how to get themselves back in step with the class. They feel awkward about approaching the teacher for support and often lack the skills to review past material while remaining up to date. They can appear … more »