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Who We Are

Hello, Boulder! Our group, IndieEd, serves as both a professional development group for education and therapy specialists in the Boulder area, and as a trusted resource for local schools and parents seeking specialized help. We have listed on our website 9 local professionals and organizations whose areas of expertise are commonly sought after; beyond that, … more »

IndieEd starts a new year.

IndieEd began it’s new year strong. We rededicated ourselves to the mission of bringing quality education to as many students as possible. With a remarkable set of teachers and therapists, IndieEd covers subjects from life coaching to test prep, from music to math, from making the transition to college to Philosophy and physics, from reading comprehension … more »

Math Teaching Aids in the Digital Age

One of the wonderful things about studying and teaching mathematics these days is the ubiquity of software and web-based tools that can be used to bring math concepts to life and provide a framework for convenient and dynamic exploration. One of these tools I use when helping students is Wolfram Alpha from Wolfram Research. Wolfram … more »

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