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Collegiate Coaching Services

Expertise: Executive Function, Digital Media Abuse and Addiction, Career Coaching
Ages: 16+

Collegiate Coaching Services provides academic, life management, and clinical support for teenagers and college students. We focus on helping students to cope and manage their executive function difficulties by teaching important skills, creating action plans, and providing accountability to follow through "to help students achieve their goals." Areas of emphasis include: • Organize, prioritize, and activate to work • Focus, sustain and shift attention • Regulate alertness and sustain effort • … more »

Academic Testing Advantage

Expertise: Test Prep, Course Tutoring
Ages: 14+

John Accardi has taught public high school mathematics from Title I remedial mathematics to advanced placement calculus. He's taught in traditional and alternative education settings involving at-risk high school students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. John mentored and coached many high school students in cross country and track and field. He has also taught college students. John worked in the Information Technology industry for over 25 years developing training curriculum and … more »

Pam is retired, but out of deep respect for her contributions to the founding of this group, we keep her profile posted here!

Roberto Bianco

Tutor at Tutorandia
Expertise: Math, Chemistry, Physics
Ages: 13+

Roberto is an Italian-American living in Boulder County since 1991. Holder of a PhD in Chemical Sciences, Roberto has been a university researcher in Theoretical/Computational Chemistry for 22+ years (1991-2013) at CU-Boulder. Roberto's extensive backgrounds in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, and the mentoring of PhD, MS, Honors, and Senior college students provide him with a unique array of tools for the successful tutoring of difficult subjects.

Catherine Clark

Expertise: Study skills, executive function, time management
Ages: 11- college

Catherine Clark is an educator specializing in Executive Function skills (a set of skills that help you get things done) for middle school, high school and college students. Significant challenges for students today are overcoming procrastination and a having a clear focus on their most important goals. Social technology use often competes with the limited time students have available. Executive Function coaching teaches student how to become independent, successful learners. This coaching program guides … more »

Nicolas Clausen

Expertise: Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Math
Ages: 4 - 24

Nic works to understand each student's barriers to learning and provide them with the tools to read, write, speak, and think with confidence. He has over a decade of experience designing and implementing individualized programs in both schools and private clinical settings. He has experience working with a variety of student populations--from low to high income, public and private, to students with and without learning disabilities.

Liza Dombrowsky

Academic Coach at Liza Dombrowsky
Expertise: Coaching, General Studies
Ages: 13+

Liza has been a private educator in Boulder for eight years. She began mentoring and coaching undergraduate students in mathematics through the Student Academic Success Center at CU in the residence halls. From this, she established a clientele that she continued to work with during her graduate studies. She has experience teaching at the middle and high school levels in private education as a lead instructor, and at the post-secondary level, as a graduate student instructor. Currently, Liza tutors students … more »

Den Ducoff

Tutor at MathTrails
Expertise: math, SAT, ACT tutoring
Ages: all ages

Den tutors Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, ACT and SAT prep He has 30 years of tutoring experience . He provides math tutoring at his office in Boulder, Colorado or anywhere via video conferencing. He is certified math substitute teacher in the Boulder Valley School District and an adjunct math instructor at Front Range Community College, Westminster, Colorado. Den has a BA in Math with additional graduate work in math and computer science His favorite quote is: "Teach once ... learn twice"

Maggie Jacoby

Expertise: Math, Chemistry, Physics
Ages: 11+

Maggie is a co-founder of Piece of Mind Tutors. She believes anyone can excel in math and science, and approaches teaching each student differently. She enjoys helping people understand difficult concepts and strives to develop a love of learning in all her students.

Sylvia Keepers

Expertise: Reading Comprehension and Speed
Ages: 3+

Sylvia Keepers has conducted a successful home tutoring service for more than 35 years. SMART! A Reading Tutor’s Guide grows out of her experience helping hundreds of students learn to read with skill and enthusiasm. After earning a degree in education in 1961 from the University of Denver, she began teaching in a small-town school district in Oklahoma. Although her students learned to read as well as the veteran teachers she worked with, she felt there was much more to understand about the complex … more »

Colin Kelly

Expertise: Songwriting, Performance, Guitar
Ages: 7+

Colin Kelly is the founder of MusEd Colorado. He is a private guitar instructor and performance consultant for musicians of all ages and abilities. Utilizing traditional music knowledge, training, and a profound love of the craft, he is able to aid his students to attain their musical ambitions. Colin believes in developing strong fundamental technique and knowledge of the guitar or bass, but he never loses sight of the art and love of music. He has worked as a coach at Kosa International Drum Camp, and … more »

Pete Laffin

Founder at Write On
Expertise: Writing, Handwriting Enhancement, Executive Function
Ages: 7+

IndieEd co-founder Pete Laffin is the founder of Write On LLC ( ), a private tutoring and consulting company that finds creative solutions for literacy dilemmas based on cutting edge neuroscience, unyielding positivity, and a tenacity for results. He specializes in handwriting enhancement, and is the author of "Roger That! Handwriting for the 21st Century," ( ). He also specializes … more »

Adam Locy

Expertise: Psychology, Philosophy
Ages: 10-18

Adam Locy is the founder of the Friends of Wisdom Society, a program designed to bring philosophy out of academia and into everyday life. With a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Psychology both from Colorado University, Adam brings a unique understanding to learning and it's eventual goal, wisdom. Using an approach that synthesizes both ancient and modern learning techniques, he engages his students in this fantastic and complex world. Most notably, Adam teaches his students how to think critically and … more »

Mike Manning

Founder at Just2tutoring
Expertise: Executive Function, Focus Coaching, Study Skills
Ages: 7+

Mike Manning began his teaching as Learning Specialist and Program Coordinator in inner-city schools on both the East and West coasts. He was recognized by the Superintendent of SFUSD for outstanding performance prior to his relocation to Colorado. Mike studied Gifted & Talented Education at University of Northern Colorado while at BVSD's CHOICE Program as Case Manager and, in 2001, launched Just2 Tutoring. Today, Mike and J2 serve twice-exceptional youth enrolled in local public and private schools in … more »

Julia Ratcliff

Expertise: Mathematics
Ages: 11+

Julia Ratcliff is working on establishing a new tutoring practice that serves Longmont and Boulder. Mathematics principles can be found everywhere in our world. She believes that every student can be successful in math, learn to be problem solvers, and show tremendous personal growth. She prides herself in supporting students in developing their growth mindset and learning from their mistakes. She is currently tutoring students in a variety of subjects ranging from middle school math to college Calculus. … more »

Kathy Sherman, M.A., has worked in the field of learning disabilities since 1972 and received an Outstanding Teacher award in 1975 for innovative teaching approaches. She has experience working in public schools as well in private practice and is the co-founder and Head of School for Hillside School in Boulder, Colorado. In the last fifteen years Kathy has pursued additional learning and training related to neuroscience and learning as well as the impact of stress on learning. When she can find some 'spare' … more »

Patrick Wilson

Mentor/Coach at EmpowerMen Coaching
Expertise: Mentoring, Parent Coaching
Ages: 13+

EmpowerMen Coaching works to empower young men between the ages of 13 and 30 to pursue that which is truly important to them, with courage, confidence and integrity. We also provide parent coaching as a complement to the coaching we offer for young men, with the focus on creating supportive relationships and a nurturing context for young men to purposefully develop into autonomous and capable young men. EmpowerMen coaching works with young men who are struggling in one or more of the following … more »

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