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Hello, Boulder!

Our group, IndieEd, serves as both a professional development group for education and therapy specialists in the Boulder area, and as a trusted resource for local schools and parents seeking specialized help.

We have listed on our website 9 local professionals and organizations whose areas of expertise are commonly sought after; beyond that, the attendance of our monthly meetings is regularly about 15-20 local pros; and beyond that, we have a lengthy email list with names of other local education and therapy providers. Our mission in this respect is not only to refer clients to colleagues we know and trust, but to make precise referrals, to direct clients toward providers best suited to address their specific needs.

If you or someone you know is seeking a tutor in a particular area of study, a global focus coach, an educational consultant, or a test prep provider, please inquire through our contact page. We will do our very best to connect clients with the professionals best capable of providing the services they seek.

Further, if you are local professional interested in becoming involved with our group, please inquire at our contact page as well. In just over a year of our existence, we have found that we independent educators are immeasurably stronger together than we are apart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Pete

Pete Laffin
IndieEd co-founder Pete Laffin is the founder of Write On LLC (writeoncolorado.com ), a private tutoring and consulting company that finds creative solutions for literacy dilemmas based on cutting edge neuroscience, unyielding positivity, and a tenacity for results. He specializes in handwriting enhancement, and is the author of "Roger That! Handwriting for the 21st Century," (rogerthathandwriting.com ). He also specializes … more »
Pete Laffin

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