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Why I’m Deleting Facebook

There are many reasons social media is harmful, to both the individual and to what’s left of our democracy. It claims to connect, but it distances; it claims to increase empathy, but its role in increasing antipathy is perhaps its defining characteristic; it claims to broaden access to information, but it produces treacherous, unpoppable information … more »

Who We Are

Hello, Boulder! Our group, IndieEd, serves as both a professional development group for education and therapy specialists in the Boulder area, and as a trusted resource for local schools and parents seeking specialized help. We have listed on our website 9 local professionals and organizations whose areas of expertise are commonly sought after; beyond that, … more »

October Meeting Info

This month’s IndieEd group meeting, to be held on Tuesday, October 6th from noon-till-1:30, will feature a timely talk by Anthony Riske of Collegiate Coaching Services on technology addiction. If you or someone you know would like to attend, please inquire through our contact page for location details.

IndieEd, June 2015

          One semester of IndieEd is in the books! The picture above is of those who attended the June meeting, and it is missing a number of key contributors from the past six months. So far, the journey has provided everything we could have hoped for and more: enlightening discussions, increased … more »

Home » By Pete Laffin