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How College Admissions Decisions Are Made: Making a Case for Case Studies

This time of year, college admissions decisions are being released to seniors, which give them final notice of an acceptance, denial, or wait list. It’s an exciting time for most to see where they may attend in the fall, yet full of surprises. Some decisions are expected while others come as a shock. It is … more »

April Meeting Information

IndieEd is excited to announce it will meet for the fourth time on Tuesday, April 14th. Pete Laffin will be presenting on the topic of teaching writing. So far, the meetings have had an excellent variety of formats, from Kathy Sherman’s talk on dyslexia, to Pam Allen’s demonstration of meditation for high academic performance, to the … more »

March Meeting Topic

We are thrilled to be holding our third meeting of IndieEd on Tuesday March 10th. The format will be a bit different this time around, as we will not have a single presenter, but rather a group discussion guided by Michael Manning of Just2 Tutoring on the structure of the educational services we each provide: … more »

Welcome to IndieEd.org, the home of Boulder’s independent educators.

Welcome to IndieEd.org, the home of Boulder’s independent educators. We are thrilled to present our vision for a more integrated and cooperative community of private educators, therapists, and psychologists. Our collective experience suggests strongly that a rising tide lifts all boats, that the wisdom of the individual professional can and will enrich the group if … more »

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