April Meeting Information

IndieEd is excited to announce it will meet for the fourth time on Tuesday, April 14th. Pete Laffin will be presenting on the topic of teaching writing. So far, the meetings have had an excellent variety of formats, from Kathy Sherman’s talk on dyslexia, to Pam Allen’s demonstration of meditation for high academic performance, to the … more »

Handwriting Vs Typing Article Response

I’ve read many articles in recent years on the controversy of removing cursive handwriting—and handwriting, entirely—from school curriculum. While presenting little new information, this article from The Guardian stands out to me for its attempt at evenhandedness. And after being presented with both arguments side-by-side, I am even more convinced at where I stand in this debate: Cursive … more »

Handwriting Hope

In late March, a fifth grade student was referred to Write On by Kathy Sherman of Hillside School, who had been aware of an experimental cognitive exercise I’d been developing aimed at enhancing fine motor skills in children based on my own research in neuroplasticity. The exercise had successfully improved the handwriting of two other … more »